At least 60% of men worry about their penis size, concerned that it’s not big enough to satisfy their partner.

Worried about your penis size? You're not aloneFor some of these men, their unhappiness about their manhood will harmfully impact on their relationship, their confidence, and even their mental health.

Of course, prowess between the sheets isn’t all about size, and neither is confidence on the dating scene, but if you find that worry about the dimensions of your dong is negatively impacting on your life, then you’re in an ever increasing group of men who might benefit from penis enhancement.

Tom ‘Billy’ O’Connor, from Colchester, is one man for whom anxiety about penis size began to consume his life to such a point that he decided to seek penis enhancement [].

Even though, in his own words, Billy already had “a big one,” he still felt that more was better, saying that he wanted “a monster.” O’Connor describes the procedure as “the best money I ever spent” and is delighted with the results (and so is his new partner).

The popularity of penis enlargement Surgery has increased hugely in recent years, with some clinics reporting a more than 40% surge in demand. Some have put this down to the greater exposure of seemingly well-endowed celebrities such as David Beckham leaving many men feeling inadequate.

But whatever the reason, if you’re suffering because your penis isn’t big enough to keep you happy, there are options available.

Penis enlargement surgery is an extremely safe, extremely effective cosmetic procedure, most often involving a transfer of fat from another part of your body into your penis to increase its length and girth. Using your own body fat avoids the risk of allergies, and offers the option of future ‘top-up’ procedures to ensure superb results.

Alternatively, Penis Thickening or Glans enhancement, which uses injections to thicken and increase the size of the glans, is a non-surgical procedure which can usually be completed in just 20 minutes.

Whichever option you choose, it’s important to remember that you are far from alone in worrying about your penis size, and that, like Billy O’Connor, there are options to help for the future.