doctor-718161403At Moorgate Urology its all about men. Our dedicated Plastic Surgeons, Urologists and General Practitioners are all men too, men dealing with men’s problems.

When it comes to matters of the penis and the sexual function of it, it’s not something that most men find easy to talk about. At Moorgate Urology we understand that. That’s why we have a team of people who can get right to the heart of your problem, and get to the solution fast and without any fuss.

Our aim is to get your sex life back on track with the most appropriate procedure or treatment and in the shortest possible time. Rest assured that no matter if your problem is the size of your penis or impotence, we have the answers and the expertise to help resolve both. 

Moorgate is the definitive name for penis enlargement in the United Kingdom. Patients visit us from all over Europe to increase the size of their penis.

We are perhaps one of the few centres that can offer both a surgical and non surgical solution to increase penis size. Take a look around the internet and see for yourself the vast amount of information up there from us , helping guys make informed decisions about increasing their penis size.

  • Our Plastic Surgeons can increase both the length and thickness of the penis , all in one short procedure. It’s all carried out in one day, there is no need to stay overnight.
  • Our non surgical option increases penis thickness in less than 30 minutes with no downtime afterwards.
  • We also offer other male genital surgery such as circumcision, testicle replacement, scrotal surgery and more.


We also have a very busy impotence service. The inability to gain or sustain an erection is devastating for men of any age. If you cannot gain or sustain an erection then this needs investigating without delay. The first step is to see one of our Doctors to ensure that there are no other underlying health problems that are causing the erection problems. Our Doctors will investigate your problem comprehensively and then recommend the most appropriate treatment to get your sex life back on track fast. Resist the temptation to self medicate and buy drugs from unknown sources on the internet. Get the problem sorted in the right way and right at the start. Our Doctors are used to seeing men with erection problems every day, so there is no need to feel embarrassed. What’s more, you have the reassurance of knowing that the problem will be managed for you on an ongoing basis, we never leave you to fight the problem on your own. 

Moorgate Urology also have a comprehensive surgical and non surgical after care plan for complete peace of mind.

Consultations are available throughout the week and we have evening clinics too, especially for men who want to come along and see us after work.

So what are you waiting for ? Pick up the phone Call 03300 244 868 or complete the form on this page and our team will be in touch to arrange your consultation at your nearest Moorgate Urology centre