At Moorgate Urology, we pride ourselves on performing only the best and most advanced penis enhancement procedures in the industry. Although effective, surgery is not the right (or even a viable) choice for everyone, which is why we offer alternatives to those looking for something a little less invasive.

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We answer your questions non-surgical penis enlargement to make sure you are making the right decision for you.

What can I expect from a non-surgical penis enlargement procedure?

Our penis enlargement injections are second to none. Using a cannula rather than a needle, and injecting when the penis is erect instead of flaccid, we can guarantee much better results to competitors in the industry.

Why are these injections better than other enlargement options?

  • We use a cannula, which is far more precise than a needle, so we only need to penetrate once or twice rather than many times along the penis shaft. This ensures a much smoother and less bumpy end result.
  • With fewer punctures, our injections are a much more comfortable alternative to other treatments.
  • They offer less risk of complications such as vascular catastrophe and infection.
  • Our injections provide patients with a much faster recovery, so you won’t have to be out of action for too long.
  • As a cannula has a blunt end, you will experience much less bruising and swelling than when using a normal pointed injection.
  • What will my recovery look like?

There are some hard and fast rules to ensure a quick and smooth recovery post-injection. These include: massaging the product along the shaft if you notice any unwanted bumps; abstaining from sex or masturbation for seven days; washing your penis after sex; taking the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor; avoiding aspirin and attending your scheduled follow-up appointment.

If you have a small penis and are certain you want to explore penile enlargement or penis thickening but are unsure about invasive surgery, then perhaps an injection might be the option for you? At Moorgate Urology, we pride ourselves on being experts in cosmetic surgery, so if you would like some advice on options available or pricing, get in touch with us today.