Penile Implants are usually performed to treat erectile dysfunction. The inability to get an erection or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. When all non-surgical treatments for this disease fail, a penile implant is considered to be the last resort for such patients to restore their sexual activity.

Devices are installed inside the penis to treat the erectile dysfunction. After considering all the risks and complications, penile implants can be the answer.

There are two types of penile implants, malleable and inflatable.

In malleable penile implants, there are two semi-rigid cylinders that are surgically implanted in the penis. The outer core of these cylinders is either made up of metal or plastic. The penis maintains a certain downward position at all times and can be adjusted manually to obtain erection before the sexual intercourse. There is enough erection for penetration and the penis can be easily inserted. Malleable implant requires a simple surgery and has comparatively few complications. This implant is highly effective as it has higher percentage of success rate.

Malleable penis implant

It restores the sexual activity of the patient and helps the patient satisfy the partner during the intercourse. It is cost effective too. However, there are some disadvantages for this implant. The natural erectile system comes to an end and the appearance of the penis changes, being constantly erected at all times.

The inflatable implant consists of a three-piece device.  There are two cylinders which are implanted in the penis surgically. A pump is placed under the skin of scrotum and a reservoir is contained within the cylinder or it is placed adjacent to the bladder.


The pump is squeezed to inflate the cylinders which transfer the fluid from the reservoir to the cylinder. The cylinder expands causing erection of the penis for the sexual intercourse. Unlike malleable implant, this implant completely resembles the natural erectile system and the natural shape of penis is not lost but the installation process is a bit complicated. However, there are no problems related to concealment as in malleable implant and the user can control the erection.

The length of the penis also increases when the system is activated. Inflatable implants are more effective than malleable implants as the patient can obtain the erection and flaccidity.

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