Moorgate Urology is a UK clinic that offers professional treatment and advice to people with sexual related problems.


The experts provide a wide range of advice, assessments and treatment to help men identify and deal with their sexual problems. The experts have dealt with many sexual health issues and have provided excellent services to more advanced psychological and medical solutions.

Erectile dysfunction in men can be experienced at any age but is most common in men who are over forty years of age. Erectile dysfunction can lead to problems such as low self esteem, depression as well as lack of confidence. Sexual problems have a variety of causes which may include psychological, physical and interpersonal. Some of the male sexual dysfunction include premature ejaculation, male erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, sexual pain as well as delayed ejaculation.
Premature ejaculation is the inability of a man to hold orgasm and ejaculation so that he and his partner can be able to enjoy sexual experience. It has been documented that fifty percent of men experience this problem. Two out of three men who has the problem do not find it much of a problem in their sexual relationship. However this problem affects one out of three and has adverse effect in their sexual relationship. This problem is not only experienced by young men who do not have enough experience in sex but can also be experienced by older men who do not have to necessarily have had a history of this problem.
Low sexual desire is at least experienced by 15 percent of men. This happens mainly due to the result of other sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. At times low sexual desire happens for no good reason at all.
Delayed ejaculation is another problem in men that is very frustrating not only for the man but also to his partner. Statistics has it that three percent of men are the one who experience delayed ejaculation. This condition is associated with several medical prescriptions as well as some other medical conditions. Psychological problems can also cause delayed ejaculation as well as difficulties in relationships.
Sexual pain is another problem that is experienced by about 30 percent of men. This could be pelvic pain, inflammation of the prostate grand or pain experienced during ejaculation. This could be a type of complicated regional pain syndrome such as fibromyalgia. All this problems are among those that are diagnosed and treated at Moorgate Urology by the experts.
The professionals at Moorgate Urology are highly recommended and are known to provide solutions like implants and if need be, mechanical devices. The clinic has qualified staff that offers professional counselling and therapy with your partner as well as individually. This is done to help you overcome emotional as well as psychological issues. The clinic is very sensitive to the requirements of everyone regardless of their race, tribe or even sexuality. Gays and transgender individuals can also get help from the clinic without being discriminated at all.