We see lots of men who want to increase the size of their penis. Most want to make it longer and thicker, some just longer or thicker. However, they all have one thing in common; they think their penis is smaller than the average.
That word “average” is a contentious one. It’s amazing just what answers we are given when we ask “what do you think is the average size?”
Answers vary considerably. Many men are close enough when they suggest just over 5 inches. Some however believe that unless they have over 6 inches then they must be small.
These belief systems stem from a variety of sources. It’s true to say that past sexual experiences count for something. Men only need to be told that their penis is small once by a partner, and the seed is planted, probably forever.


average penis size
“She says she has had bigger” is a comment we hear frequently. This does not mean to say that a small penis is the problem here, it may be, but in many cases the penis in question is of perfectly normal size.
It’s also a myth that its only young single males that seek penis enlargement surgery. Lots of our Patients are married and quite happily so. The word “confidence” crops up in many of these cases. The guy is having penis enlargement for himself, since his spouse has not complained about his penis size at all and insists that sexually there is nothing that needs adding.
For other guys it’s the elephant in the room. There are no spoken words about penis size between husband and wife, and that is precisely the problem. He knows it is small, she knows its small, but neither wants to bring the conversation up.
In these cases it’s the guy that takes action. He gets penis enlargement surgery to sort the matter out and tells his wife that he has done so either just before surgery, or just after in a few cases.
Telling your spouse after surgery is a calculated risk. If you know your penis is small and it’s causing a problem in the marriage, then it’s maybe not so much of a risk. If you have had no complaints and still get surgery, it can come as a shock to your partner.
In fact, not telling a partner of your decision to have penis enlargement surgery could be very counterproductive. Your Partner could question why you want the surgery if there have been no complaints within the marriage bed.
Penis size is a very emotive subject. If you are young, free, and single, then the decision to have surgery maybe only yours. If you are in a relationship then think about sharing your concerns about your penis size and get the support of your partner for the journey.
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