You probably already know that we are famous for two procedures to thicken the penis.

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The first is fat transfer and the second is with hyaluronic acid injections.

We are often asked which the best treatment is. This is a difficult question to answer since the response all depends on your attitude to surgery and to the overall cost of keeping your penis thicker.

By far the cheapest method in the long term is fat transfer. Longevity is the biggest advantage of fat transfer to thicken the penis when compared to hyaluronic acid injections.

That perhaps explains why more men choose fat transfer than hyaluronic acid injections.


Following fat transfer surgery there is some reduction in size in the immediate post operative period. However the fat that remains will not ordinarily be altered subject normal living conditions. Illness and changes in weight may have a bearing but under normal conditions the results are impressive.

Most men that have fat transfer do so once. Although some of the fat dissipates, they are happy with the increased thickness.

Another advantage is of course that it’s your fat. It is not a man made hyaluronic acid injection. Many men like to choose fat transfer for penis thickening because of this.

Cost is also a major consideration. Fat transfer is much cheaper. A typical fat transfer to the pen is costs £ 4500 whilst a thickening with hyaluronic acid injections will cost just over £ 3000

It’s more expensive at first but remember that you will need a top up of the hyaluronic acid injections at around six to twelve months depending on how fat or otherwise your body begins to break it down.

If it’s a quick fix that you are looking for, without surgery, then hyaluronic acid injections may well be the answer. However if its value for money you are seeking with a natural take on thickening your penis, then it has to be fat transfer