Testicle replacement surgery is an option for many males who find themselves missing or losing a testicle, and for many this is far more than cosmetic:


it gives them balance and that important mental health feeling of being complete and whole. This doesn’t involve putting in anything organic, but adding an artificial or prosthetic implant that restores a fully normal appearance. You can’t underestimate how important this is to most men. This is similar to having a prosthetic implant for a breast cancer survivor.

Brief History Of Testicle Replacement Surgery

There’s actually quite a history behind testicular replacement surgery. This isn’t a relatively new surgical procedure. In fact, some form of it has been around for many decades. The first prosthetic testicle was made of a metal alloy and successfully implanted in 1939.

While this worked for a while, the medical world went through a wide number of materials looking for something better that would serve its function while having less side effects on the body. This led to silicone gel implants that were used for two decades before in 1997 a doctor by the name of Dr. Turek created an FDA approved implant that consisted mostly of saltwater surrounded by a silicone shell. This has been the gold standard used by the industry ever since.

Why Would You Need A Testicle Implant?

There are several ways an individual could lose a testicle. There’s no one reason that is better than another, if one is missing then a prosthetic implant can have many great benefits, including mental and emotional well being.

Just a small example of situations include:

  • Torsion
  • Severe trauma
  • Testicular cancer
  • Lack of proper development
  • Severe accident


Pros Of These Implants

There are many positives to going with the implants. The first and most obvious being that at least from appearance or look they (and the scrotum) will look perfect normal. Many patients are surprised how much of a difference this makes when it comes to feeling better about themselves and that emotional well being can make a huge difference to the overall mental health and attitudes of a person.

These are also come in many different sizes so they can be matched to the same size and shape of the remaining testicle, further making the implant look real. This is a relatively easy procedure and one that can often be done as an outpatient setup. Recovery only takes a few days after that.

Finally, if for some reason the implant needs to be removed or there are problems, they are very easy to remove so no major complications should occur.

Cons Of These Implants

While there are plenty of benefits with these testicle implants there are some potential drawbacks, as well. These look the same, though they don’t necessarily feel the same. They will feel a little bit different than a natural testicle. There’s also the fact that at the core this is a prosthetic. That means no sperm or testosterone is produced so any of those hormone issues will need to be dealt with separately.

Sometimes there are complications with these implants, as well. There could be some swelling, redness, and while most bodies accept them there are some people whose bodies don’t like them and might need a removal later.

Finally, many insurance companies don’t cover this particular treatment, which can run in the thousands of pounds.

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