BBC-3-Documentary-picHow do you measure up ?

If you are thinking about penis enlargement surgery, you probably think your penis is smaller than anyone else might have. This is mostly untrue of course, and men choose to have penis enlargement surgery not because they have a small penis, but because the extra that penis enlargement surgery provides them gives them more confidence when with their partner. Penis enlargement surgery alone may not make sex better, but if it increases your self-confidence them sex may be better for both you and your partner as a result. Any questions ? Call directly on 03300 244 868

Penis sizes around the world

One question that we are often asked by men considering penis enlargement surgery is ” how does my penis measure up against the average man ” ? Well, it may interest you to know that penis size does vary quite considerably around the  world.

average penis sizeRecent research suggests these are the average size ( when erect) by country.

  • United Kingdom    5.5 inches
  • Australia                   5.2 inches
  • Brazil                          6.2 inches
  • Canada                      5.5 inches
  • Cambodia                 4.0 inches
  • Belgium                     6.2 inches
  • North Korea             3.8 inches
  • Nigeria                       6.0 inches
  • Portugal                    5.2 inches
Penis Enlargement Surgery Sir ?

As you can see from the list, men in the United Kingdom are certainly not at the bottom of the list when it comes to penis size. We are not at the top of the list in terms of penis size either it has to be said. Remember that it is the thickness of the penis that is most important in terms of penis size. If you are considering penis enlargement surgery then you should think about this point very carefully.

A consultation with an experienced Penis enlargement surgery Surgeon is essential to assess your suitability for surgery. This is an important step that you are taking and you need to be in possession of all of the facts before you can make an informed decision. A consultation with a Penis enlargement surgery Surgeon takes around 45 minutes. During the consultation the procedure will be explained to you in detail including all of the potential risks and complications as well as the obvious benefits, After the consultation you should allow yourself some thinking time so that you can digest everything that has been said to you before taking the decision to proceed. We can arrange help you arrange your consultation Pick up the phone Call 03300 244 868 or just complete the form below or give us a call and we will take care of everything. If you have any questions about penis enlargement surgery we will be happy to help wherever we can.