standard-title Penis Enlargement Surgery Make this year the year you get a bigger penis!! You can make it Longer and Thicker with Penis Enlargement Surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Make this year the year you get a bigger penis!! You can make it Longer and Thicker with Penis Enlargement Surgery.


There are several augmentation techniques to increase the penile length/ girth/width or both

Our leading Surgeon is a registered Urologist and Andrologist, together with our plastic surgeons they all have the knowledge and expertise to carry out this specialist procedure. The results we achieve give a natural appearance to the penis, which is why our premium procedure increases both the length and girth at the same time. 




The only recognised surgical procedure to increase penis length is the division of the suspensory ligament. This releases the ligament from the Pubic bone and ‘hidden’ penis length. A silicone buffer (a small testicular prosthesis) will be placed in the space created with the division in order to prevent reattachment of the penile suspensory ligament. It also makes the penis hang to a lower position which also makes it look longer.

This procedure can increase the flaccid length of the penis by up to two inches.*

From around six weeks after this procedure we will start you on a Extender device. However, with consistent use over the following year you can further increase the penis length with this device. With the lengthening surgery the extra length is visible in the flaccid (not erect) state. However reports suggest that a sustained programme of use with an Extender such as the one used with our surgery can improve flaccid and erect states over the longer term.

*Please note individual results may vary


worried-about penis size

Your penis will be completely normal after surgery in terms of erection and urination.



A liposuction procedure is performed to harvest and purify the fat which is then transferred into the penis. This fat is usually taken from the stomach in most men although the legs or buttocks can also be useful donor sites.

This fat can thicken the penis by around two inches. This extra thickness is visible both in the flaccid and erect states of the penis.*




To ensure best results are achieved we purify the fat through a LipiVage system. This improves the overall aesthetic outcome.

*Please note individual results may vary

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Depending on what kind of work you do, you should arrange for one to two weeks off work. Our Surgeons will advise you further at your consultation. If you have length and girth surgery then you must abstain from sexual activity involving your penis for four weeks. You will be given post operative medication including antibiotics, pain relief and medical advice to help control nocturnal erections.

The first check up after surgery with your surgeon will be the following day and thereafter periodic appointments will be made for you to monitor your progress.


If you take a look around our website you will see that we have a great deal of experience with many surgical procedures of the penis.

We draw from some of the United Kingdoms leading experts in their field to bring you high quality treatment for Urology and Penis enlargement surgery.

Whatever your concerns are about your penis size or function you can be assured of a professional and sympathetic approach to your case.  Trust Moorgate Urology and leave it to the experts to get your penis back on track.


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Locations throughout the United Kingdom. Moorgate Urology have a team of fully qualified Plastic Surgeons, Doctors and Urologists for help and advice.