There is several of the techniques that work, but only one will give you permanent results and that’s the penis extender. The Jes Extender was one of the first penis extenders on the marked; it has been around since 1994.

Penis traction enlargement is a clinically proven technique that results in natural penis growth. Exposing a part of the body to a constant stretch, naturally results in cell division in this area of the body – a process called cytokinesis. The Jes-Extender applies a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis, causing tissue cells to divide and create new tissue. This cell growth effects in a longer and thicker penis, in a matter of weeks or months.

Penis Extender UK

Results from using the penis traction enlargement method, depends on how much time the traction device is worn. It is up to you as a user to set your own pace and goals. Extending your penis is easy, but requires a degree dedication and time. Some of our customers have even reported growth results up 2-3 inches through continued usage!

Jes Extender can be worn under normal clothing. With every minute used it gently creates new penis growth. Wear at home, at work and even while sleeping! It’s also proven for Peyronie’s disease treatment, curvature correction and also helps to reverse erectile dysfunction, penile shrinkage and premature ejaculation.


The traction enlargement method is the standard solution to extending organs, and used by physicians and doctors all over the world as best practice.