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Orchiopexy Surgery

Corrected Testicle Descent

Corrected Testicle Descent

Orchiopexy is a surgery a lot of people in the mainstream might not be aware of, but there’s no question that those males who need it know all about it.

Moorgate Urology are proud to be local providers of this important cosmetic surgery and we hope that if you have an issue that requires this surgery, we want you to feel like you can talk to us and that we can help you get the treatment you want to look and feel normal.

As a side note, orchiopexy is also the name of the surgery used to treat testicular torsion in certain cases when the painful problem is caught early, but we focus on the commercial side of correcting testicular descent, not emergency situations to treat those types of quasi-emergency situations.

Corrected Testicle Descent

While most males don’t have this issue, there are some cases when a guy growing up will find himself in a situation where one testicle drops but the other never descends from the scrotum. Sometimes this causes long-term discomfort and pain and sometimes it doesn’t, but either way it causes an unnatural occurrence that can make a man self conscious of his appearance and really does a number on the self-confidence scale.


Our professional cosmetic surgeons know how to take care of this issue and have you looking and feeling normal in relatively short order. Don’t let worry, embarrassment, or shame keep you from getting the help we are happy to provide you!

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What You Can Expect

Each case is actually a little different when it comes to orchiopexy. Whether the testicles that haven’t descended are in the scrotum, groin, or abdomen make a great deal of difference when it comes to figuring out what is needed for surgery. The surgery is a one day event that results in an out patient result, but this isn’t easy on the body. You will need to have someone who can drive you to and from your appointment, or at least have a taxi on hand to make sure you get here and get home safely.

Most of the time the surgery requires just a couple small incisions and some minor adjustments. We try to keep it as low impact as possible, but there are also some rare times when two separate surgery appointments might be required to straighten everything out back to what it is supposed to be like.

Don’t go another day losing self esteem or feeling like a freak or outcast because of a physical issue that you had no control over. We can help correct that and get your body looking and feeling like it should.



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If you find yourself in need of orchiopexy, then it is time to give our professionals a call. An initial consultation doesn’t require commitment, but we are sure once you meet our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly staff that you will be ready to get that surgery and finally get that burden off your back. 

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