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worried out your tight Frenulum

worried about your tight Frenulum?

While it’s not nearly as well known a medical procedure as many other corrective procedures, for many males a frenuloplasty could be the best treatment to help take care of an abnormally short frenulum of the prepuce of the penis, a condition that not only causes self confidence issues because of appearance but also can cause severe pain to the male and make certain popular sexual positions uncomfortable or even painful.

There’s no reason to let a problem with your frenulum prevent you from enjoying everything life has to offer. This abnormality might be uncomfortable, but it is something that is often very fixable and can be taken care of with a simple procedure. Talk with one of our doctors to see if this might be the solution to your problems.

Frenuloplasty Surgery Preparation

There are certain things you need to prepare for before the day of the surgery. One of the first things to do is stop smoking. While overall complications are rare the majority of the time, there seems to be one common factor that actually shot up the risk for later complications, and that was smoking. If you’re looking at a frenuloplasty you need to stop smoking as early before the surgery as possible, and you need to remain smoke free during and after the surgery, as well.

Since anesthesia will almost certainly be used, you need to strictly follow any instructions given by our doctors about not eating or drinking before hand. Anesthesia is very tricky and it is critical for the patient’s own safety that all preparation instructions are followed to the letter.

Depending on what we anticipate in your surgery we may ask you to use certain soaps or shampoos to hit a thorough level of disinfectant before the big day. We want to set the stage for every single part of the procedure (including home recovery) to be as safe for our patients as possible.

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This isn’t a same day procedure like reversing a vasectomy. We will need to talk about using anesthesia, and possibly a spinal block and in some cases even a penile block. This is a lot to prepare for, and helps to show why the procedure needs to be taken seriously at every stage.

We understand that frenuloplasty can be a bit frightening, especially for patients who know they need something to be done but are afraid of what might happen if the surgery doesn’t work to relieve the pain. That being said, we want to encourage our patients to take this procedure seriously, but not to get so worked up to scare themselves out of doing anything.

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