Scrotal uplift surgeryWhat is a Scrotal Uplift?

Excess skin of the scrotum is basically skin that stretches and lose its capability of elasticity it can cause discomfort and embarrassment. A scrotal uplift is a male cosmetic surgery procedure which helps many men to eradicate the discomfort and embarrassment of lax scrotal skin.


Scrotal uplift is also known as scrotoplasty in cosmetic surgery. It is usually performed by a Plastic Surgeon or a Urologist. A general anesthetic is normally used and the procedure takes about one and a half hours.

More about this Surgery

After surgery a stay in the hospital will not normally be required and you will be discharged a few hours after the surgery, as soon as the Surgeon confirmed you have recovered enough to be discharged. This procedure is basically a walk in walk out method. Your recovery time is around 1 week, .plan to take about one to weeks off work depending on how physical your job is. Final result will be seen when the swelling has subsided, usually after 30 days following the surgery. The surgery will tighten the excess scrotal skin and the results will be very natural.

Benefits of Scrotal uplift

Benefits for the scrotal uplift surgery includes

  • It reduces irritation
  • Reduces discomfort
  • You will have improved self-confidence
  • Improved sexual activities because of increased self confidence
  • Results of the surgery are long lasting

Is the Scrotal Uplift surgery right for me?

This is the common question often asked by many men before the scrotal uplift. It is very common in many men that the scrotal skin is stretched with time and loses its natural ability of elasticity. This results in this skin causing discomfort in daily activities and causes embarrassment in personal relationships. Skin rashes on this area are very common because of excessive sweating which becomes the reason for irritation and itching. So in order to gain more confidence in your daily activities and also in your relationship scrotal surgery is an option if you suffer from excess scrotal skin.


This surgery can be a permanent solution to your problem of excess scrotal skin. If this is getting you down and getting in the way of personal relationships then get in touch with Moorgate Urology today and arrange a consultation.