If you are having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection then you will already be looking at treatment options.

But which one is right for you?

The good news perhaps is that you have choices.

For many men its probably fair to say that their first port of call ,when they discover that their erections are no longer what they were, is oral medication.

The two most famous brands are perhaps Viagra and Cialis. It’s a simple matter of popping a pill about half an hour before sex and away you go. This treatment works and is the staple choice for thousands of men. One of the main side effects reported by some men are headaches, which one can only presume is a bit inconvenient if you get one just before you embark on your night of passion.

So what happens if medication doesn’t work or as some men report, it doesn’t work any longer?

Well, you could take a look at injection therapy. Basically a drug called prostaglandin can be injected directly into the penis to induce an erection. The Doctor has to first assess the right dose for you and this is usually done with a test injection. He also shows you how to self inject at home, that’s right, this is something that you can do yourself.

When you want an erection you inject the medication and within minutes you should have an erection firm enough for intercourse. Again, this treatment does work. However, there are some potential drawbacks. Firstly, you have to get over the mental barrier of sticking a needle ( however fine) directly into your own penis. When you have mastered that there is also the nuisance of having to “ stop activities” whilst you inject yourself. If you can master those then injections can be a good option.


Lastly, if all else has failed, or you don’t like the idea of popping pills or self injecting, you could consider inflatable or bendable penile implants. These are stuff of future science, especially with the inflatable version of a penile implant. This is surgery, so its not something that you would want to rush into. However, an inflatable penile implant will allow you to get a erection whenever you want and not even your partner will know you have one. How does it work?

Well , an inflatable implant consists of two tubes that fill with saline in the penis when a tiny pump is pressed. This pump is located in the scrotum and the fluid comes from a separate chamber. When you pump the pump an erection is induced and you simply press a valve to release the fluid back into the chamber when youre done , pretty remarkable don’t you think?

This inflatable option is the most expensive of the two types available. The other penile implant is a bendable implant that basically puts your penis in a permanent erect state. You bend it upwards when you want to use it for sex and bend it down again when you don’t. It works well but you have to accept that your penis will always be erect and this puts some men off. If you have limited dexterity or don’t like the messing around pumping things up, it could be the right choice.

The good news for men who cant get an erection is that there are answers and solutions that actually work. Its now possible to keep having sex long into old age if you have the desire of course.
Lets not forget through that impotence can be caused by a number of things. If you think your erections are not what they should be then seek professional help. At Moorgate Urology we have experts including Doctors and Consultant Urologists and Andrologists that can get to the bottom of the problem and get you on the right track.

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