testicular implant surgeryTesticle implants were introduced in 1941 and are made of silicone. The same substance found in breast implants.

Current Testicle implant Manufacturers

The four best known companies which currently manufacture testicle implants are as follows

  • Nagor Ltd, UK
  • Mentor Medical Systems Ltd, UK
  • Osteotec
  • Germany

Reasons to have testicle implants

Due to many reasons the testis can be missing both in children and adults. The more common reasons for this can be due to cancer, accidental injury, twisting, or any lack of development of normal testis.

More about Testicle implants

Testicle implants are basically used for most men who have been suffering from cancer and the only treatment left for them is the removal of affected testicle. Even after a testicle implant the scrotal sac remains tightened and seems of the same size from outside, but the implant will also keep a natural look that is why it is considered by many men after surgery for testicular cancer. All surgery carries risks of course and this includes testicular implants. These include infection, rejection, and general risks of anesthesia.

History of Testicle implants

Testicle implants are in use from 1941 and different materials have been used over that time. Some of the materials that have been used are below.

  • A metal alloy
  • Lucite
  • Marbles
  • Directly injected gel foam
  • Plexiglas
  • Dacron
  • Polyethylene
  • Solid and gel-filled silicone

Some of these materials have been removed and banned from the market, over the years, due to the safety reasons.

Benefits of Testicle implants

There are many benefits to these implants but comparing to breast implants a study shows that more men are happy with testicular implants. Around 68% of patients concluded that it improved the appearance of their body.

Future developments

The size and the shape of implants are likely to be the subject of continual development over the coming years. They are available in different sizes now and results are very impressive in most cases.

Feel better after testicular replacement

Testicular prostheses can be life changing for those who have lost one or both testicles. The Implantation procedure is a relatively simple procedure if performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon or Urologist.

If you are thinking of replacing a lost testicle then get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation.