Penile surgery is becoming an increasingly available option for gentlemen that would like to see more from that particular part of their body.


Here’s our quick rundown on the facts and fiction around this type of surgery:

FACT: Penoplasty can permanently improve the appearance of the penis. It is suitable for men who’ve been born with an unusually small penis, who have suffered trauma or who simply wish to make their penis larger.

FACT: The length of the penis can usually be increased between one and two inches in its flaccid state. Width can be increased by around two to four cm in both the flaccid and erect state.

FACT: Surgery can help with feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, low self-esteem and performance anxiety.

Here’s what happens

The penile lengthening procedure involves exposing bits of the penis that would usually remain inside the body. There are ligaments at the base of the shaft that act as the guy ropes, or support structure for the penis, once they’re cut %28via a small incision in the abdomen%29 then the penis will be more exposed and naturally appear larger.

FACT: There will be some discomfort in the early days after the operation but this can be managed with pain relief and local anaesthetic.

FACT: The only sign of surgery is a small, and easily, hidden incision at the base of the penis. Scarring, if you have any, will fade between one and three years after surgery.

FACT: You can soon get back to work after the operation. A few days off will usually be enough to recover – you will need to avoid sex for around four weeks though.

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